The aim of Sayed Bafakhythangal memorial Trust is as follows:

  • The Commencement of trust date was on 13 th July 2007.
  • To help and give maximum support for poor families, sick people, victims of accidents and also those who require an immediate medical help including Emergency Ambulance services
  • To select, guide and support poor children for the education in various classes and job oriented courses
  • To establish & run educational institutions
  • To grant scholarships, prices, loans to children and youth in academic purposes
  • To establish and maintain Grand in cash to educational institutions school children old age people or similar charitable Institutions for the benefit and use of public in general
  • To support, and render assistance to medical health care centers, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, dispensaries, etc in all branches and fields of medicine
  • To assist and support the old, sick and ailing by supporting, establishing and guiding medical and counseling centers, orphanages, old age homes and homes for discarded and the physically and mentally handicapped
  • To organize social cultural and environmental activities through challenging adolescence and youth energy into constructive and creative directions
  • To improve financial, cultural and social standards of public
  • To provide help to Urban and rural poor in getting essential services such as health, nutrition, education, income generation and housing
  • To establish library, publications and organize talk shows, debates, etc

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